Watch your step in the virtual market

You are a business, an online one. You are a standalone virtual online store or your online store may be linked to you physical business. Linking your online store to your business is a smart move as you have an existing customer base. If you’re a solo virtual, you need to create a customer base. Both forms of online stores require a smart e-commerce strategy. Online stores need be aware of the legal requirements of the legal, payment, business incorporation, tax and marketing aspects of a virtual trading store. These aspects are key to ensuring a successful online legal trading presence. Read More

The long arm of the law in South Africa

It’s about Governance, Security and Sovereignty. Yours, Mine and Countries’. Countries affirm their safety and governance commitments to secure peace and accountability within their borders by recognising the long arm of the law of a foreign court which strives to bring about a sense of global accountability. Sovereignty conferred by legislative jurisdiction and at times, international treaties enable cross border trials. Read More

Do not embellish: Know your law relating to labelling and advertising

South African Laws protect against unfair marketing and business practice including dishonest advertising and labelling. This principle is encoded in the Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”) Code of Conduct – which requires honesty in adverts as well as calls for factual claims and disallows misleading claims. The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (“CPA”) reinforces the requirement of disclosure of all relevant information and that such disclosure be in plain and understandable language and factual. Read More

Digital Signatures can ease the load

If you are still using your pen to sign – then it is about time to Go Digital and Sign Electronically. If you are looking for the ease of not having to search for a printer to print your document so that you can sign it and then not having to look for a scanner to scan your signed document so you can send your document to a client, think digital. If you are working remotely and need to affix your signature, the solution is simple – sign electronically! Read More