Top 3 General Counsel Focus Areas

These focus areas – are indicative of the trend and activities in companies business practices. Focus on this will hedge risk for business as well as pro- actively support business by identifying emerging legal issues and hedging any associated risks.

IT governance becomes key as well as knowledge of cross border trajectories as litigation can cross geographies in the cyber realm. Cybersecurity mitigates against Corporate data breaches and data privacy breaches.
Social Media – creates a stream of accountability that impacts marketing, consumer laws as well as IP, commercial. civil law and labour concerns.
What is also key is Compliance – and its role in corporate governance as well as legal compliance, enforceability, education, reporting lines, investigations and the handling of whistleblowing.

A compliance officer, CCO in order to excercise their mandate in a leaglly accountable and transparent manner should report to the board of a company.