21st Century Law 




Ayesha Dawood is an Africa based international commercial law firm with a focus on Commercial Law,  International Technology Transactions,  Digital Media Law and Intellectual Property situate in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Special Focus

    • Start Ups – Accelerators – Innovators
    • International Companies 
    • Legal and Compliance expertise in business operations  
    • International architecture of IP and Copyright
    • Digital media innovation internationaly

AddIng value to the scaling of entities in the start-up and  large scale global enterprise

Areas of Speciality

The following are the areas of speciality:


  • Digital Law incl Digital Media
  • Digital Media – advertising, brands, commnications
  • Mobile & Electronic Technologies incl  Streaming, Apps
  • Intellectual Property
  • Compliance
  • Africa Legal Frameworks
  • Corporate Registrations in Africa
  • Corporate and Commercial Law – B2B, Distributorships
  • Legal & Strategic Advice and Business Consultation
  • Global Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Project Finance – Asset Based Financial Engineering / Infrastructural Development
  • Litigation
  • Philanthropy

International Law and Relations

International Organizations

  • The UNITED NATIONS,  its specialised agencies, the ITU, World Bank and WHO
  • Key UN covenants

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals

  • MDGs and AFRICA


  • Innovation

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

  • UDHR global dissemination ( Guinness Book of Records, most translated document )

The World Bank

  • World Bank and African Development
  • Poverty Reduction and Economic Management

International Law & Africa

  • Law, Politics and Development in Africa
  • Development Finance and Social Capital

Law, Health & Development – Migration

  • International Covenants, New Economic Wealth and Health Related Rights & Implications

Conveyancing and Notarial

  • Conveyancing and Notarial Transactions
  • Legal Commercial Property Transactions ( incl. Leases)
  • Bonds

General: Marriage, Divorce, Labour Law